EDX Brings in the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I want to thank you all for following RockDafuqOut.  We will continue to bring you dope jams throughout the year.

I want to start this year off with the latest episode of EDX’s #NoXcuses podcast.

I have been a fan of EDX for years now and it seems he may finally be starting to get the recognition and fan fare he deserves.  Bringing tracks full of feeling, emotion and groove for some time now, I am always impressed by the vibe and musicality in everything that is EDX.

Leader of the Helvetic Nerds, he has built up a team of astounding producers, including Cedric Zeyenne, Danial Portnam, Nora En Pure, Antonio Giacca and more, that will without a doubt have a ton of great releases this year.

What I love about this episode of #NoXcuses is that it is filled with originals and remixes by the man himself.

Check it out!





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