AlunaGeorge Gets Jacked!

You can always rely on Diplo & Skrillex (Jack U) to kill it when it comes to marketing and promotion.

This week they announced they would be doing a live streamed 24 hour DJ set which went down yesterday.  Reportedly it was shut down 18 hours into it by the police, but that was not before that they announced that their long awaited album had dropped.

With collaborations with the likes of Justin Bieber, 2 Chainz, AlunaGeorge, Missy Elliot, Kiesza and more, fans wasted no time hopping onto iTunes and grabbing the album.

Me being a huge AlunaGeorge fan, I’m going to say that this track has to be my fav on the album.

A great blend of styles are incorporated to support the ever perfect vocals from AlunaGeorge.  Dat bounce doe…LOVE IT…

A close second however is this J Biebs track… Taking things a bit deeper on this one…

Check the full album here…



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