Brandyn Burnette Wants to Be Free

Peep the newness from Brandyn Burnette.

Only recently being introduced to his music, it did not take much for me to fall in love with his vibe.  His new track, “I Wanna Be (Free)“, blends the lines between Pop & Electronic while incorporating live instruments to help bring it to life.

A 3rd generation musician, Brandyn has music in his blood.  Raised in St. Louis, he traveled to NYC after high school and attended NYU’s Tisch School Of The Arts.  He soon left the school, after some encouragement from his manager, to pursue his musical career.  After bouncing around for a while writing and recording tunes, he now resides in LA where he continues to push the boundaries of his music and develop his own truly unique sound.

With some solid accolades under his belt including a top 40 hit with Warner Bros Recording artist Jake Miller, a Juno Award (Canadian Grammy’s) nomination for Single Of The Year, and a #1 in Spain, Brandyn Burnette is def someone to keep an eye on.

I will be knocking this joint for a while, guaranteed…


One thought on “Brandyn Burnette Wants to Be Free

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