My Heart is Breaking

When I was first sent this track, I was going to pass on featuring it because the overall vibe didn’t really fit the usual vibe of the blog and in all honestly it kind of brings me down.

After sitting with the track for a few days, particularly listening when I had some heavy stuff on my mind, something clicked..  Now the more I listen, the more I love it.

There is something incredibly raw and emotional about what Kate Copeland is doing in, “Breaking,” a single from her new album.

There is something very theatrical (which you can see by the video) about this song.  Well crafted lyrics that anyone can relate to float effortlessly over the somber, ambient, downtempo production.  Banjo, strings, keys and bass combine into a wall of sound underneath the wide-eyed vocals.

For me music is all about making the listener feel… Something… Anything.  This song is sure to do so.



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