Amanda Holley Is Here to Heat Up the Summer with Feenin’

Making her Tommy Boy debut, Newark, New Jersey native Amanda Holley just unleashed a smash with her single, “Feenin’”.

Captivating with her beauty both inside and out, Amanda shows off her sultry and powerful vocals on top of the Oh Kay Laws (2016 XXL Freshman Class Producer) production.

Blending elements from Pop and R&B, Amanda’s new single is accessible to nearly all listeners. Shining atop the percussive, smooth yet pounding production it is easy to hear why Amanda is such a sought after vocalist for some top notch songwriters and producers.

A true musician in her own right, Amanda has spent her life surrounded by music not only as a singer, but also playing piano and violin.

Check out the single via her official music video below, then keep on scrolling to check out the remixes by Radio Smash, DJ E-Clyps and JPRiZM.



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