Funkontrol Make Their Debut with Banker’s Club

Recently, Scott Melker and Skinny Friedman announced their new collaboration project Funkontrol, and are scheduled to release their debut album, “Are We Having Fun Yet?” this summer with Tommy Boy Entertainment.

As the first taste of what’s to come, the duo has released their lead single “Banker’s Club”.

“Banker’s Club” is a nice mix of the hardcore Hip-Hop energy that emerged in the late 90’s and early 2000s’ and the contemporary hype of the new school EDM scene. The highly dynamic track builds tension leading to a pounding drop.  Vocal chops, banging drums and HEAVY bass are perfectly crafted to make this tune knock.

Funkontrol is the epitome of two inspired DJs coming together, sharing their love for the old-school style and creating something new.

Banker’s Club” is a perfect song that can be fitting for the club, hitting the gym, or hanging with the homies.



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