Cut Some Shapes to This DJ Cheech Remix

NYC’s DJ Cheech just releases his take on the new hit from Ed Sheeran, “Shape Of You“.  Since this track has been released it has been remixed by both industry vets and bedroom DJ’s alike, but DJ Cheech took it to another level, flipping it into a grooving House bomb.

Bringing the bounce to everything he touches, DJ Cheech takes the vocal, speeds it up, chops & screws it all on top of a heavy UK style bassline.  This track hits from beginning to end.

We asked Cheech about the track, to which he replied…

Ed Sheeran, I think is arguably the most talented & inspirational dude in the business. How could I not remix him?? There’s just so much talent inside him its crazy! Not only are his albums, track after track, FIRE. He’s a big reason why some of the other artists have songs the have. Needless to say. I HAD TO REMIX THIS TRACK. His vocals are butter! All about the bounce. Basslines, hats, claps, & kicks. Oh and of course, that feel good, dancey vibe.



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