Gone: Perfectly Pop

Moses Stone (The Voice, 106nPark) teams up with Shwayze & Hero Delano for his new single, “Gone“.

This song is so “Pop” that is almost hurts.  Perfectly structured and produced, this tune is catchy, memorable and simplistic in every way.

Vocally, all three artists take turns on the track, each bringing a different energy while the hook ties it all together.  On the production end, a simple Pop progression plays out in the background with live instruments (bass, banjo, rhythm guitar, keys) while the programmed drum sounds are allowed to bang up front. While I personally like a bit more grit, there is no denying that this is a great tune.  After the first listen the hook was stuck in my head… and trust me, it was hard to get out.  If you have recently gone through a break up, need some new Pop to rock on your ride to the beach, of you just want to sing along to an upbeat catchy jam, this one’s for you.

Personally, I’m a sucker for people singing pretty and talking shit.


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