Beyond the Track: Late Night Episode 

One of my favorite new finds has come from New York based Late Night Episode.  The four piece band (Daniel Lonner – lead vocals, Eric Sherman – guitar, Brett Daniel – drums, Giovanni Stockton-Rossini – bass) seems to have found the perfect balance between Alt-Rock and Pop, leading to the creation of fun, memorable tunes to be enjoyed by the masses.


When I found the video for their new single, “Golden Age“, in our inbox, Late Night Episode instantly gained a new fan – even before I realized they had shot some scenes in front of the Pelham Picture House (the one classic movie theatre in my tiny home town in Westchester).  Wondering how they even knew where Pelham was, the research began, leading to the discovery of some interesting tidbits, a live show at South Street Seaport, and some more incredible tunes.

Let’s cover their new single first.  “Golden Age“, is an Indie Alt-Rock smash.  Perfectly executed production pairs with high-energy vocals from Lonner and a HUGE hook that I have been singing for days.  Did I mention they know how to structure a song?  The arrangement is on point from beginning to end – they know exactly when to bring in new elements, when to let it breathe and when to let it all ring out.

For the visuals Patrick Golan stepped in as director and brought the tune to life in a way that is both liberating and fun.  Following the guys around for what must have been a full day & night, it shows them cruising in a convertible, wandering about the city, playing some ball, drinking some brews, walking through the woods, hanging with some horses, riding bikes (just hanging out and doing their thing) intercut with some performances shots of them rocking on the water.  While the concept isn’t mind-blowing, it is the beauty of the clips that makes this video pop.  Every set up captured in a cinematic way, portraying the group in perfect light. Beyond the track: While I was eager to get this post up, when I had initially reached out to the group after first listening to, “Golden Age“, they told me they had a show coming up at South Street Seaport.  I decided seeing them live would help me get all of my thoughts together, so I went to check them out. I brought the wife along for the early set and some grapefruit beer (gross – horrible choice babe).

We got there early.  There was a pretty solid after work crowd, mostly finance bros in shirts and ties – not the crowd I was expecting to see, but a good amount of people none the less.  There was an opener who came on around 6:45 ish and played some tunes to a mostly uninterested crowd.  Few people stood around the stage while even fewer paid any attention at all from the beer garden in the back drop.  Between sets they played some House music.  We thought it was odd, but we love House, so it was cool – just not what I would have chosen to segue between two Rock artists.

Around 8ish I saw the group roll into the Seaport and almost simultaneously the crowd began to change.  While the finance bros still maintained their lock on the prime spots at the garden bar, music lovers and LNE fans began to fill in the gaps.  After mingling with their fans, friends and family who came to support, they were ready to hop on stage, and the crowd was waiting.


Ready to go.

My wife and I had only really listened to, “Golden Age”, prior to the show, so in all honesty that is the song I went to hear.  What I wasn’t expecting was to hear several other songs that I may like even better… Late Night Episode took over the seaport.  The crowd moved tightly around the stage gazing up with excitement, seemingly prepared for what I was only getting to witness for the first time.


Handing out branded lighters before the encore is a genius move.

To sum up the performance… They rocked in every sense of the word.  From the banter between tracks, working the stage like seasoned vets, and playing a handful of songs in perfectly planned out succession sounding as good live as they do recorded (if not better), we were left completely impressed.


This guy also seemed impressed.  If he uses social media… I’m sure he gave them a follow.

To be honest I’m not sure how I should feel about my wife being their newest groupie.  I mean, it’s nice to know I can put her on to some new music… but now I’ll need to send a chaperone if she goes to see them again.  I do however appreciate that she will buy their music, go to their shows and engage on their content online.  If they had a yelp page… she would surely write a top review.

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