Take a Visit to Jen Miller’s ‘Hometown’

This one hit me right in the feels. 

Jen Miller‘s latest release, “Hometown“, is a great first taste of you’ve never listened to her before.  Created with her friend and fellow artist Jake Vicious, her vocals, while bright and sharp are low key filled with emotion, and that is what I love most about this song.  The lyrics are clever and well put together, telling the story of her hometown through her eyes.  About the track Jen wrote on Facebook, “Last time I was home in Worthington, Ohio… it hit me. The nostalgia. Like a ton of bricks. I am twenty five. My 10 year old self thought I’d be married with kids. (LOL!).  The fresh cut grass reminded me of the last day of school, when we played with water balloons and laughed until our faces were red for hours. I visited my grandparents who don’t live at the bottom of the street any more, but I am thankful to have them so close. I held my 18 year old cat on the steps of the house I grew up in and cried, knowing she had been through this crying routine with me since my first teenage heartbreak. She was old and dying and thankful to be needed and loved. I shared laughter with my parents in the kitchen, eating an entire box of cheezits… and suddenly it all feels more precious than it did when I was 15. Than it did when I was focused on myself. Than it did when I was heartbroken. Why are the neighbor kids going to college? Why do I only keep up with a handful of people when I constantly think of so many more with so much love in my heart? Why does the nostalgia of happy moments so often feel so sad? Why is it that when I’m back in this place, I feel such an intense sadness for those who aren’t here with me any more? Instead of absolute awe at how many amazing, precious moments I’ve been given with them? Or even that I was given these people at all?  And how many people in Ohio exist that have formed me into the person writing this today? Your past is who you are. My past is who I am. I wrote a song about all of this, and it’s called “Hometown.”

While the song develops from low key sections with acoustic elements into hard-hitting Electronic hooks, I can’t help but wish they had a more mellow, stripped down (possibly acoustic), version of the track to really let her vocals shine uninterrupted.  Make it happen Jen – I’ll take the premiere 🙂


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