This is Heat: ‘Wildfire’

Everything about this track is money and the reaction from the community so far is all the proof you need – finding praise from some of the best blogs and collectives in the game and already receiving over 100k streams since its release.

The latest release from Mia Vaile on which she teamed up with James Mercy, “Wildfire“, is a moody piece of Electronic goodness.  While Mia delivers on the vocal front with a unique tone and playful delivery, James obliterates the production with slamming synth work and sub rattling basses.  From the start of the song, it’s kind of hard to foresee how hard it is going to hit. Beautiful melodies lead the way and it isn’t until the first build up that you begin to feel the hype.  A great blend between Pop and Future Bass, nothing about this track is cookie cutter – it really stands on its own.

This one is both emotional and exhilarating.  Super solid.

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