MRY Makes a Solid Debut

LA artist MRY is coming out of the gate with an attention grabbing debut, “Way We Go“.

With a story not too unfamiliar to others fed up with the day to day, MRY left the corporate world and headed out to Echo Park in search of something more… chasing vibes.

After some time soaking up the sun and energy this area had to offer, MRY got to work creating and, “Way We Go“, is the first official taste. A cross over jam, the track relies on both live and electronic elements that blend together seamlessly into a beautiful, Tropical infused soundscape.  While funktified electric guitar riffs twang along, airy pads fill the background and the bassline keeps the groove. The vocals deliver more through the delivery and style than perfect harmonics, working together with the production almost more as another instrument adding a human element.

Laid back, groovy and fun.  This track is perfect for your hazy summer nights.


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