Trevor Lee Got Too Much Love

Houston based Trevor Lee has teamed up with Pesmaker for his latest release, “Get Luv“, and the result is a vibey, inspirational, new wave Hip-Hop joint.

Lyrically, Trevor shoots down the hate at every turn, deciding rather to stay stress free with his head up and keep it moving.  Keeping this kind of positivity isn’t easy for anyone, but for Trevor it is a must.  Under the surface of his laid back rhyme schemes and fresh melodies, Trevor has been fighting t-cell non-Hodgekin’s lymphoma since 2015. About his battle, Trevor has this to say… “Struggle ain’t new, God isn’t either, and you are not alone in your struggle.I think what I dig most about his vocals is the sort of Country twang he adds in parts – which is weird because Country is about the only genre that I (hate is a strong word) AM NOT A FAN OF.  The production is super chill, downtempo, melodic and simplistic. Drums keep the pace while some bright synths fill the background and a fat bass supports it all.  This song is all about the vibe… and I dig it.



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