Sunset Vibes

Anyone spinning any rooftop, pool or lounge parties anytime soon?  If so you’re going to want to add this one to the queue.

Velour Fog & Angie C have teamed up with Lambert McGaughy for their latest, “Givin’ it Up“, and it is a sultry, melodic, summertime beaut.

The Deep House tune is low key enough to play while the dinner crowd finishes up – while some bitch about life and gossip and others shoot their shot on their first date.  At the same time, play this a bit louder and let the sexy saxophone and heavy bass help the crowd turn up while the sun goes down.Just the right amount of energy for almost any setting, this one has a vibe.  Keeping it chill while making you move, there is a beautiful balance from beginning to end.  Melodic plucks, rich synths, light percussion, a big bass, sensual vocals – and did we mention the sax already? It’s oh so sexy.

We’re digging it.


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