Marco Foster & Jaykode Team Up For ‘Wasted’

NYC‘s Marco Foster has just teamed up with LA‘s Jaykode for an absolute monster of a track, “Wasted“.

With Marco handling the vocals, he delivers an emotional and precise performance for Jaykode to build around – and build he does.  With the vocals leaning  Pop/R&B, the contrast to the slamming Electronic production adds a beautiful dynamic to the track.  While Marco has recently been featuring on much more Electronic tunes, this one is by far the hardest I’ve heard from him.  And I’m digging it.  One thing you can always count on from him is a beautiful vocal delivery and catchy melodies that will without a doubt have you singing along.On the production end, Jaykode absolutely crushes this joint.  Moody, ambient and and banging, he does what he does best – making tracks for giant sound systems and for your favorite DJ to drop at their next festival.  Knowing how to keep the listener hooked, he allows the vocal to shine, supporting it just enough before building up to the massive drop and going absolutely cray.  Slick sound design, smart instrument selection, chest rattling drums, a great arrangement and a pumping mix/master all make sure this one hits just right.

A super solid collab from coast to coast.



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