Caught in a Love Triangle with Mickey Factz

Bronx MC Mickey Factz just hit us with his latest, “We Can Make It“, and is a jam.

The EarlJam produced release brings a classic Boom Bap feel, utilizing some soul samples and heavy drums for Mickey to slide on.

Lyrically, a love story unfolds with Mickey reminiscing on where it all began.  Talking to his side chick, he remembers when it all started back in 98.  With slick rhymes and a flow years in the making, the song is smooth and smart.  Without paying close attention, it may take you until the last line in his verse to really understand who’s he’s talking to.As is the case with a lot of artists, it is sometimes hard to find the proper balance between life and your craft.  For an artist the love of creating can rarely be subdued, and that love sometimes feels like a full time relationship on its own.

While Mickey Factz may love his woman… music will always be his side chick.


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