Steve Benjamins Hits the Heart

All I know about Steve Benjamins is… his name is Steve and he releases a song every month or two.

When I first found this one in my inbox, it only took a few seconds for me to start wondering when the next release was coming.

His latest release, “Purification Ritual“, is an absolute vibe.  A bit Folky, super Indie, with a bit of a Pop influence, the song is sure to induce some sort of emotion.  For me it was pride, peace and glory (don’t ask me why).  All I know is this is what music is all about…. feelings.Carried by a simplistic production guided by acoustic guitar and supported by some pads, keys and drums, the vocals here are the star of the show – and they grab you from the first note.

Beautiful vocal melodies and a powerful tone drive the lyrics home.  Interpret them as you will, but feel them you must.  This is a low-key jam and I will without a doubt be coming back to it on the reg.


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