JAM OF THE WEEK: Moira Mack – I Worry I Worry

You know I worry that I worry too much

That line alone is just too genius not to listen to this.

LA based Moira Mack has just released her new tune, “I Worry I Worry“, and it is an absolute beaut.  From beginning to end, vocals to production – everything about this tune is top notch.

The incredibly soulful release is perfectly crafted by what I can only assume are some life long musicians and writers.  While Moira’s vocals alone would have me hooked, the underlying production is a whole different story.Vocally, Moira is pitch perfect, with an incredible range, a sharp and sensual tone and a dynamic delivery.  You can feel her soul coming through with every nuance… and it resonates deep.

The live production is perfectly designed for the vocals.  Jazzy elements from horns to keys and synths come in and out, perfectly timed for maximum impact.  You can’t help but feel everyone on this record has been playing together for years – feeding off of each other’s performance and all coming together as the backbone for Moira to stand tall.

While this may not be my usual vibe… Musically speaking, I can’t help but make this my JAM OF THE WEEK.


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