Perfectly Progressive

I am in love with this new release from Khlorinn.

The LA producer may be a new kid on the block, but with tunes like this, I can imagine his fan base is going to grow pretty fast.

His new Progressive House track, “Breaking Away“, featuring vocals from Lindsay Nourse is a throwback to the vibe that in a lot of ways helped launch the EDM craze.  Inspired by the likes of (early) Kaskade and Dirty South, this track is both melodic and driving with a dreamy feel that gives listeners to a feeling of euphoria.Through melodic plucks, syncopated basslines, airy leads and emotional vocals Khlorinn was able to deliver a dynamic peak hour track that will hold up against any of the genres heavy weights.  Melodies and countermelodies play together in perfect harmony while the vocals take hold and smart production techniques bring it all to life.

All around solid track.  This is a late summer smash for sure.


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