Late Night Hangs with Tourist [VIDEO]

London based producer Tourist has just released his latest dreamy Synth Pop tune, “We Stayed Up All Night“, featuring Ardyn… and I am in an amazing mood on the way to work because of it.

The downtempo piece of moody, Electronic, melodic vibeyness is a mood boosting jam for even the grumpiest of morning people.  With Ardyn floating on the track with a mellow relaxing delivery, she perfectly compliments the driving, ambient production.With mellow pads filling the background, the bassline never lets up while the vocals sit perfectly in the pocket, all coming together to create an almost mind altering wall of sound.  The star of the show for me is the lead that comes in on the hooks.  The bendy, beautiful Synth lead will without a doubt be stuck in your head the first time around.

This is a vibe.

One thought on “Late Night Hangs with Tourist [VIDEO]

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