Pete Cho is Howlin’ for You [Video]

Chicago producer & songwriter Pete Cho just dropped his latest track, “Howlin’“, and it is a smooth, haunting R&B infused Electronic Pop jam.

After selling his popular Korean barbecue restaurant to pursue music full time, Pete Cho spent some time as a DJ while working on his new material, which he is now ready to unleash.  The latest offering comes with a, “Thriller“, vibe just in time for Halloween. Smooth vocals, perfectly structured with a stellar Pop feel dominate the track while ominous pads and a dark progression take hold.  Driving basslines and sharp synth stabs add the perfect backdrop for the vocals to shine.  Lyrically the track speaks about the lust for an undeniable love.  All consuming, the need for love outweighs all else and when the moon comes up, Pete Cho will be “Howlin’ for you.

All in all this is a well executed and catchy jam.  Just enough edge, a captivating vibe, a great vocal performance and solid production.  We’ll be knocking this for sure.


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