Band of Brothers

Man… I wish I had a brother who I could make music with.  Not that I get to see my brother all that much these days… but that would probably be different if we were making slamming Indie Rock together like The Brothers Moore.

Brothers Bobby & Billy bring beautifully bodacious vibes with the help of Troy Smith and Jake White.  On their latest release, “Careless“, the group creates a driving and uplifting tune grounded by layered guitar melodies and solid vocals.  While the production is pretty straight forward, it is the vibe in this one that I love.Without too many bells and whistles, the vocals carry the tune with catchy hooks and a dynamic delivery.  Lyrically the song sees the group reflect back on easier times – the younger days when fear was so far away.

This song really has all you need.  I can feel the vibe between everyone in the group and I have no doubt they had a great time writing and recording this jam.


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