While we don’t get around to posting too much Hip-Hop these days, that is not for the lack of looking.  In my personal opinion Hip-Hop is the most saturated market and to be honest… there is a lot of shit out there which it makes it much harder for true lyricists to cut through.

Enter Genra, an Oakland based MC dropping knowledge with the flow and cadence that he must have been honing for years.  When his new single, “Rain or Shine“, hit our inbox I was pleasantly surprised and happy to support.On top of a jazzy Boom Bap production, Genra paints a picture.  Telling his life story, he lets you right into his life – like it or not.  A story of pride and perseverance unfolds through educated lyrics and slick rhyme schemes.  Reflecting on where he came from, where he is and where he is going Genra seems to by hyper-aware of all that he has (and all he does not).

I could sit here and point you to the most poignant lines, but you’re better off just taking it for a spin.  Pay close attention to the lyrics and I am sure you will find lines that resonate deep – regardless of where you came from.

I will without a doubt be keeping an eye on Genra.  Really solid tune here.


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