Hitting repeat “All Day” on TOBi’s latest release

It’s rare to find a double threat singing rapper but if that’s what you’re after look no further. Toronto based artist TOBi has had a lot of hype surrounding him after his musical debut on the hit HBO show, “Insecure.” Less than a month later we are once again treated as he unleashes his new impeccably produced, futuristic anthem, All Day

The poignant track encourages the listeners to be mindful of the present, a task us Millennials have struggled to master, “Why let the present energy fade away by wasting this time worrying?”

Throughout the track an undulating arpeggiated synthesiser tickles my ears with delight. Effortlessly transitioning between rap and a melodic chorus, “All Day,” really appeals to a large audience.

When put together, the multitude of layers produces a great magnetism to the track, with a punchy sawtooth bassline playing a pivotal part in providing the tracks main groove.

Don’t forget to keep a close eye on TOBi in the future, he’s certainly already made his mark.

One thought on “Hitting repeat “All Day” on TOBi’s latest release

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