Mair x Tyler Shamy Coming in Hot

LA based artist Tyler Shamy has teamed up with Mair for his latest release, “Button on Your Jeans“, and it is a seductive Electronic infused Pop jam.

Throughout his career Tyler has had many success finding his music placed on numerous TV shows, movies and commercials while also finding support from top tier publications.  This comes as no surprise to me, seeing his songwriting and melodies are on point.On his new tune, catchy as hell lyrics and commercially accessible melodies carry the tune with a moody, urban leaning Electronic production perfectly complimenting the vocal performance.  After one listen, it is easy to hear the experience behind the tune.  A stellar arrangement, beautiful toplines and a dynamic delivery make this one stand out from so many others in the same lane.

This track is both sexy and smart.  While this may be the first tune I’ve heard from Tyler Shamy I will without a doubt be playing close attention going forward.


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