Beautifully Emotional Feels from Road Kahan [VIDEO]

Dutch duo Road Kahan (DJ Nymfo & Daan van de Pol) make a stellar debut on Armada Electronic Elements with, “Blue Velvet“.

The deep, emotional and atmospheric cut is as ominous as it is captivating. Ethereal pads and floating melodies come together, while a low driving bass keep la the pressure on your subliminal senses.  With a soft and haunting vocal performance added to the mix, the overall sound is dynamic and memorable. Jazzy elements come and go, adding sporadic bursts of energy to the otherwise laid back groove.  While this may not be a peak hour festival tune, it is a thought provoking, spirit enhancing jam perfect for after hours, Ibiza pool parties, or sexy lounges.

A solid debut for sure.  I’m looking froward to what is next from Road Kahan.


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