Loving this Debut from Caius

After a big year developing his sound and performing on some major stages, including Roskilde Festival, Caius is ready to give listeners a taste of what’s to come on his debut EP.

With the release of the lead single, “Closer“, featuring vocals from London based AIA, the Copenhagen based producer showcases the smooth, melodic, soulful vibe that encompasses everything he touches.  Only about 15 seconds into my first listen and I was hooked.  Lush keys, catchy top lines and some percolating percussion open up the track, getting you hooked before dropping you off at the hook.  The production at every step of the way is clean, interesting and smooth af.  There aren’t too many crazy production techniques here that blow me away, rather it is the outstanding musicality that I can only assume comes from a lifetime of study and practice that stand out. From the progression, to the instrumentation, to the arrangement – everything in here works.

This release oozes soul while remaining upbeat and danceable, with the perfect amount of energy to keep you locked until the last note.


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