Maggie Szabo Has a Message for Her Fans: ‘Don’t Give Up’ [VIDEO]

Canadian born Pop artist Maggie Szabo has spent a lifetime studying and creating music.  Hailing from small town Ontario, she moved to Nashville after high school to continue her quest, eventually leading to millions of views on Youtube and a Toronto Independent Music Award in 2014 for Best Pop.

Now living in LA, Maggie continues her push.  When she is not performing to sold out crowds in the city, she is hard at work creating new tunes – which leads us here.  She has recently released her new single, “Don’t Give Up“, along with an accompanying video,  which is a love letter of support to the LGBTQ community and tells the story of a transgender high school student attending prom.  While the storyline itself is important enough these days, it is the song and her performance that really grab me.There is no denying she has a great voice.  With a wide range, great control and captivating top lines, the final product is an uplifting and inspirational Pop anthem, reminiscent of some of P!NK‘s biggest smashes.  Behind the beauty there is substance – a message that anyone these days should be able to relate with.

After listening to, “Don’t Give Up“, it is easy to hear that Maggie Szabo not only understands the genre, but her ability to command a track is undeniable.  Although I may be a 31 year old man, and I am probably far from being the target audience for this release – it makes no difference.  This is a solid tune through and through.


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