Aaron Aye’s Been at it ‘Since ’96’

Minneapolis MC Aaron Aye has been turning heads with his own signature blend of Soul & Hip Hop.

He has recently released his latest single, “Since ’96“, and it gives the listeners a glimpse into his life over a sample driven soulful production.  The cut is meant to give fans a taste of what is to come from his new, “Orphan EP“.  Through slick melodies and vicious bars, Aaron Aye breaks down what life has been life since ’96.  Not afraid to open up on the track, Aaron drops lines like, “One mother, no father – he’s a bitch I’ll never need him.  Never stand to see a woman be mistreated.Underneath the feel good vibe is the story of Aaron Aye – comfortable where he is today, but never forgetting where he came from.  His relentless flow and ability to stick to the story are what made this one stand out for me.

This one is for the Hip Hop heads.

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