Chinook Stuns with ‘Bones’

First bursting on to the scene with here #1 debut, “Go Home“, at the age of just 16, Norway‘s Chinook quickly found herself in the spotlight.  While her goal from the beginning has been to make a living from singing, she initially found the attention somewhat intimidating.

She was quickly picked up by Sony Music and continued to create music with a refreshingly honest, unique and transparent approach. Now at the age of 19, she has found her feet in the the turbulent musical landscape.  When I found her latest single, “Bones“, in my inbox, it didn’t take long for me to hop on the bandwagon.  While the production is minimal, it is perfectly formulated to allow Chinook‘s vocals to shine – and shine they do.  About the new release Chinook says, “‘Bones’ is about finding yourself again when you’re lost, and about expressing your emotions in actions. I love the organic and simple sound of the song,it’s a perfect expression of my personality and my vocal style. I feel so honoured to have worked with The Nexus and Anu Pillai.

For someone who is just 19, “Bones“, is crafted with a maturity and experience far beyond her years.  There is also a nice cross-over appeal here.  With the production leading with tropical and acoustic elements, the vocals are a blend of Folk, Pop and R&B.  Regardless of your usual taste, it is hard for this song not to be appealing – moving, emotive and very well crafted.


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