Rei Hits You With ‘Them Feels’ [VIDEO]

Dafuq is this?

I’m going to be honest,  I was not expecting a jam like this to be coming out of New Zealand – not because I don’t think there is talent there… but because Rei has absolutely nailed what is happening here in the states on the Urban/Pop front.

Them Feels’ is the latest single from Rei‘s album, “A Place to Stand“, which landed him as the winner of Best Urban Album at the 2017 Māori Music Awards.  Rei perfectly blends raw verses with island melodies and Dancehall melodies to create an all around radio ready smash.Through playful lyrics delivered with precision and a bouncing production beneath, “Them Feels“, would have no problem fitting into your favorite playlists alongside Drake, French Montana, and Major Lazer.

Not too much to say here other than – I’m impressed.

Brb while I go check out the whole album.


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