DES Shows off His Multiple Talents on ‘Giving Up’ [VIDEO]

You want to know how to catch a blogs attention?  Do shit like this…

Besides this new tune, “Giving Up“, from DES being a total jam, the concept and accompanying video are super interesting, original and cool.

DES gives us a little background on how it all came to happen.  About the song and video, he says, “ZIN Records & myself filmed this video back in July.  I hit him up and asked if we could film and track a live looping video of myself playing all the instruments. He proposed the idea of setting up an obstacle course throughout his studio space and looping instruments as we walk through his house.  It took us a total of 3, 15 hour days to plan, arrange, troubleshoot, practice and finally shoot.  The take above was all shot and recorded in one take. In the end we were only able to get a total of 4 full takes, because it was challenging to get through the whole house and perform the song in it’s entirety.  Everything you see in this video is live with the exception of the Akai MPX16 sampler on the body suit, which triggers certain synth patches in the song.

While I can imagine the planning and practice that went into making this video, I think the end result came out perfectly – luckily for us we don’t get to see the outtakes.  Regarding the tune itself, it has a bit of a classic vibe to it, with DES‘ vocals being the star of the show.  While the production may be on the minimal side it is well crafted, clean and has a great overall energy.

All in all I dig everything about this.


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