Introducing Cassidy Shooster

Here is a soulful slice of goodness from 17 year old South Florida artist Cassidy Shooster.

Discovering a natural ability to sing at the age of 6, Cassidy quickly dove head first into music, adding piano and guitar to her skill set and spending the rest of her days developing as an artist under the wing of accomplished industry vets.  Pulling inspiration from the likes of Banks, Allen Stone, Etta James and James Blake, the talented singer and multi-instrumentalist delivers with a silky vocal timbre coupled with her jazzed runs and humanistic nuances – making for a distinguishable listen each time.Over the past 6 months Cassidy Shooster has been hard at work creating a collection of original songs for her debut EP, “Introspection“.  The first taste is her new single, “Waste” produced by Miami producer Crashtandy.  Far from your usual teen break up song, Cassidy approaches her latest release with a hue of maturity and a hint of darkness.  The laid back, new wave R&B production relies on ambient textures, deep undertones and slapping drums, leaving space for the vocals to shine and adding just the right vibe to the track.

Speaking harsh truths through the lyrics, Cassidy lets the one who broke her heart know exactly what she thinks of them.  With no more time or energy to ‘waste’ on a toxic love, it is best to let go and move on.  Bitter, moody, and yet delivered so beautifully.  The contrast is everything.


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