JAM OF THE WEEK: Haulm – They Came Along

For full disclosure, it took me a few listens for this song to really hit home with me… it’s a slow burner.

What began with some casual vocal sessions, quickly turned into something much more.  Haulm is a collaboration between vocalist/composer, JT Norton, and electronic producer, Reed Kackley (BAILE).  After meeting in 2012, it wasn’t until 2017 that they got together and began to create.

After developing their sound a bit, the Brooklyn based duo is now ready to turn heads, starting with the release of their debut single, “They Came Along“.  The minimal Electronic tune relies on ambient textures, natural ambience, and intimate vocals to create a captivating soundscape.  Developing over time, the tune is danceable, albeit it in a hazy, out of body type of way.  Haunting, vibey, emotional and consuming.Influenced by Downtempo & Techno, the duo blends modular sounds with analog synthesizers & foley sfx to create something all their own.  With no real preconceptions, Haulm are simply here writing music that fuses a sense of sincerity together with a desire to create compelling dance grooves.

It’s working.


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