Beat the System Teams Up With Riddler for ‘Be Your Own’

NYC based Malaysian/American Pop band, Beat the System, has been making waves with their own signature blend of emotive Rock leaning Pop jams and high voltage live performances.

Along with the release of their new album they have also teamed up with DJ Riddler for a revamped version of one of the lead singles, “Be Your Own“.  Looking to break the tune into the clubs, the new collaboration is able to hold onto the raw emotion of the original while also kicking things up a notch with heavy Electronic production.The Future Bass inspired mix builds from soft sections of vocals and keys into ripping synth stabs and bubbling leads.  Since I have been following BTS for about the last year, I was not only familiar with the original, but it’s been in my playlists ever since.  This new flip is def nice to hear and hopefully it will make the tune reach even further than before.


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