Thank You Internet

Nashville based Chris Jobe just dropped a bubbling smash with, “Thank You Internet“.  His own brand of Happily Sarcastic Pop sees the songwriter and vocalist taking shots at the current state of affairs in America and beyond.

An ode to the internet, Chris Jobe playfully tackles the ins and outs of social feeds and all of the good and bad that comes along with constantly being connected.  Like he says in the tune, we’re all just, “living in a world where we all try to prove“… how cool we are, how happy we are, how hot we are, how much fun we are having, etc. The constant FOMO, comparisons, judgements and resentment we feel due to what we see online often come at a price, and I think Chris Jobe is hyper-aware of this dynamic.  Speaking as someone who’s job it is to be constantly connected, it is often hard to disconnect – so I’m 100% with Chris on all fronts here.

“Thank you internet here’s a big fuck you.”


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