AViVA is Back with’GRRRLS’

It has been nearly 2 years since Sydney artist AViVA released her last project, “Crystaleyes“, spending the time between releases performing around Eastern Australia before getting back in the studio to create.

Traveling back and forth between Sydney and LA, AViVA got to work and is now back with a fresh sound and vibe.  Her new single, “GRRRLS“, is a reflection on the journey to find your place in the world.  Fusing elements from Rock, Pop and Hip-Hop, the new release has a dark and eerie edge while also maintaining a bounce.While the overall energy may have changed since her last release, her distinctive vocals and catchy top lines remain.  This new re-branding is focused on creating music that her fans can connect with in one way or another.  About the release, AViVA says, “So long as people find a connection, I will keep being cryptic. Sometimes not having all the facts helps people to find more meaning.

What I love about this release is the play between her bright Pop vocals and the dark production.  While they are opposite ends of the spectrum, they some how meet in the middle and create a captivating dynamic.

Not sure whether to be angry, sad or pumped up – the confusion has got my hyped.


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