Moxi Takes Us to a ‘Dreamland’

Preparing for the release of their upcoming EP, “Figures Bathed in Light“, LA based Electro Pop duo Moxi (Anna Toy & Andy Toy) have recently released, “Dreamland“.

The latest offering sees Anna delivering dreamy and ethereal vocals layered with beautiful harmonies and memorable top lines on top of the moody Electronic production laid down by Andy.  Atmospheric pads fill the background while keys, guitar and synths sit up front.About the single, Anna says, “We want to believe. Dreamland is about alien abduction. One night, holed up in a cabin in the woods of big bear, we were drinking chartreuse talking about planet 9 and aliens and ended up writing dreamland. We are both totally fascinated by the idea of life outside of earth. Dreamland is our take on what an alien abduction might be like- terrifying, weird, and also a little fun.

Serving as one of the 6 tunes that make up the EP, the entire process was as spiritual as it was artistic.   The upcoming release is the result of a writing retreat to a cabin in the desolate mountains of Big Bear. The duo’s isolation during this time forced them to confront life altering experiences, fueling an EP filled with spiritual reflection.

Drawing on influences from pop, classic cinema, and 80’s new wave, Moxi have been able to create and authentic and captivating release that we will be patiently waiting for.


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