When’s it Gunna Get Better?

Chris Ayer has spent the better part of the last decade honing his craft and performing around the globe.  Originally from NYC, he made the all so common move to LA in 2014 to expand his repertoire.

It wasn’t long after the relocation that his tunes began to take hold.  Following the success of his last two singles, Chris is back once again with a new jam.  For, “Heavy“, he teamed up with writers, Keith Varon and Jessica Vaughn and the end result is a poignant Indie Pop smash.Lyrically the tune sees Chris fighting through the trenches, reflecting on just where things went wrong.  Hopeful that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, he can’t help but wonder, “when’s it gunna get better?”  Aware of the wrong he has done, and ready to get his life back on track, Chris Ayer pleads through the vocals, easily connecting emotionally with listened from every walk of life.

The post modern production relies on slick guitar riffs to set the mood.  Perfectly supporting the vocals, the production breathes when it needs to and hits when it has to.  Minimal and clean, it compliments Chris Ayers performance just right.


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