Strong Takes Us to the Streets

Man do I love a solid G House track.  Beyond that… I love finding new artists who are bringing HEAT.

In this case, I recently found a release from Strong in my inbox.  While the tune was delivered with nothing more than the track, and his Facebook about section was zero help in filling me in further… his new tune, “Streets“, is still worth putting on your radar.If you are a dirty bass aficionado like myself, you’re going to want to add this one to your playlists.  With some well placed vocal samples sprinkled about, the track knocks thanks to heavy drums and grimey bass lines.  While there may be nothing overly original going on here… what is happening is exactly how it should be.

A solid release with some room to grow.  I will be keeping tabs on Strong.  Maybe one day I’ll actually have some personal/background info to share on him.  Until then… let it knock.


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