Golden Vibes from EDEN

I am in love with this new tune from 21 year old Dublin based artist, EDEN.  His new track,”Gold“, is an absolutely beautiful and intriguing jam.The track starts off raw and rich, with rhythm guitar setting the mood, EDEN joins the party with well written and better performed vocals.  Room tone fills the rest of the space, adding character and grit to the tune before building up to a ripping synth lead that seemingly comes out of nowhere.  Slowly, over the course of the track new elements are incorporated keeping the song interesting and attention grabbing.  While the production may be minimal, every sound works perfectly.

Tackling  the not always easy concept of staying true to oneself and following your heart, EDEN relays the beauty in growing up and moving on.  The new release is seemingly the first step on a new path for the artist who states,  “I’m so done with singing words I don’t believe in no more.

Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on EDEN.


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