Don’t Sleep on Wake Child

After meeting at Berklee College of Music, the three members of Wake Child joined forces and began to collaborate, bringing together all of their skills into a soul shaking outfit.Pulling inspiration from a wide range of artists such as The Wrecking Crew, Kid Cudi, and Paul Simon, Wake Child finds an intriguing blend between nostalgic melodies and modern production techniques.  The Psych/R&B sound they have developed is not only impressive from a production standpoint, but in the fact that they combine never ending groove with the perfect amount of soul.

Their latest release, “Kathleen“, is an all around stellar release.  From beginning to end, it is easy to hear the musical ability of the combined minds at work.  Developing over time the track is both dynamic and captivating.  While the overall vibe may feel classic, the way in which they deliver it feels fresher than ever.


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