All the Tricks in the Book: Rising DC Producer Mr. Wright Releases First EP “Tricks”


Amidst a burgeoning music scene budding right in the nation’s capital, Wayne Wright is a DC-based DJ and producer intent on bringing his sleek productions to the forefront of electronic music.

On November 24, Wayne introduces his first EP “Tricks” by way of Funktrap Records, which will be available for purchase on Beatport.

The title track “Tricks” is a brass-driven production that combines a delicious blend of funk, house and horns. Opening with a driving beat that acts as the constant foundation for the song, “Tricks” weaves in subtle horn riffs and eventually erupts into a playful medley of saxophone and trumpet as the main focus of the song.

The three-song EP also includes two remixes of “Tricks” – one is a trendy edit by Shawn Q & Mathew Paul which delivers a deeper, darker, ominous sound and then another by Micfreak that’s reminiscent of a lighter, classic house vibe.

Wayne, also known simply as Mr. Wright, found inspiration for “Tricks” while skimming through movie samples. Wanting to incorporate some sort of unique vocal, Wayne landed on an old movie sample, skewing the line and creating the instrumentals around it.

For those in the DC area around Thanksgiving, Wayne will be celebrating the official release of “Tricks” on November 25 at Flash Bar in collaboration with Deep Tech. He will also be performing as one-half of DJ-duo District and Circle.

You can listen to the “Tricks” EP on Soundcloud

*Beatport link will be available in the near future

Listen to Mr. Wright’s other productions on Soundcloud


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