Jeremy Shayne & Brooke Williams Recount the ‘Mistakes’ they’ve Made [VIDEO]

He’s a new ditty I’ve had on repeat for the last week or so.

LA based singer/songwriter/producer Jeremy Shayne just dropped a stunning new tune along with Brooke Williams, titled, “Mistakes”.  The new release is a perfect blend of Pop and Electronic, touching on the all too common story of making mistakes when young and in love.

What I love most about this track is the dynamic between the two vocals.  While each artist gets their own time to shine, when they come together the resulting harmonies are perfect.  Playing off of each other both harmonically and lyrically, the two performances compliment each other in the best ways.The production, perfectly crafted to support the vocals, remains mellow during the verses and picks up with some stabs and a melodic lead during the hooks.  From the arrangement to the songwriting to the top lines, everything about this tune has me hooked.

Helping me get in touch with my inner lovesick teenage spirit, this one will be a go to for me for a while.  Great vibes all around.


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