Digging the Hi-Lo Jack Vibe

Today we have a super cool group to share… get to know Hi-Lo Jack.  A true testament to what can come out of different musical minds coming together and creating freely with no outside pressure to conform.

The new outfit is a collaborative project featuring Clyde Lawrence (of soul-pop band Lawrence), Cody Fitzgerald (of indie-rock band Stolen Jars), and Dolapo Akinkugbe (aka rapper/producer DAP The Contract).  While all three parties have had success of their own prior to coming together, the new project represents both endings and new beginnings.

With the release of their debut EP, “Old New Clothes”, looming, the trio have released the first single, “So It Goes”, and I can not stop listening to it.  With wide-ranging influences from Outkast to Randy Newman, Bon Iver to Stevie Wonder, and Dirty Projectors to Chance The Rapper, the lead single is a clear mish mosh of everything they love – put together in a flawless way.  Fast fire rap verses, lush layers, big orchestrations, funky riffs, beautiful vocals, foot tapping rhythms and memorable lyrics all come together to create something incredibly fresh – and in no way fitting into any genre available in your search algorithms.  While the project was originally written during their last year together at Brown University, it was clear they were on to something – and I am personally way hyped to see how they develop.

Kudos to Hi-Lo Jack for getting together as friends, vibing, and creating something unique and original in a musical world full of copycats and clones.


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