Epoch Failure Going Hard in the Paint [VIDEO]

Trenton, New Jersey in the house.  While you may not be familiar with Epoch Failure, if you are a sports fan, you have probably heard on of their tracks by now.

With their debut single, “Champion” finding major sync success in the sports world from ESPN to the WWE to the Australian Football League, and every major sports outlet in between, Epoch Failure finds success creating epic, anthemic, Urban/Pop smashes to get people pumped.

While already having some major success under their belts, they show no sign of letting up.  In May of this year they dropped their new EP, “Warrior’s Hymn”.  Sticking to their formula, yet showing growth both lyrically and emotionally, the new project expands upon their budding catalog and continues their press for the big leagues.  While the intensity behind the tunes comes from firsthand hardships, the inspiration that comes along with it reflects their ability to overcome.To breathe some new life into the project, the duo has just released a new video for the title track.  Raw, gritty, intense visuals mix with beautiful cinematography and high energy performances to create an all around solid accompaniment.


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