Fresh Debut Single From Triple-Threat Gladius James

The sound of 2017 seems to be star studded with tracks similar to this beauty. Gladius James has mastered the art of saying what every woman wants to hear this time of year as the nights draw in and the days get cold, “Tonight we ain’t going nowhere/ Just sit on my sofa” and with a name as majestic as Gladius James, who could resist such an offer. The track is laden with industrial glitchy beats and seducing layered vocals.

This track comes from the eagerly anticipated debut EP “Revelation” set for release in the new year. Not only is the track itself impressive, the knowledge that Gladius wrote, produced and performed “Too Bad” really makes him a dark horse. It’s unsurprising to hear this artist has co-produced alongside big names including Justin Bieber and Fifth Harmony.

Speaking on the essence of this track Gladius comments, “this song is one of confidence and I wanted to make something showing a woman unapologetically expressing her femininity, as the point of the song is realizing you don’t need to seek things outside of yourself to feel good, confidence comes from within, from believing in yourself”


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