Essen Hiort Takes us to ‘Paradise’

Essen Hiort is a fairly new project coming out of Sweden, but that doesn’t mean that they are just starting.

The Electronic Pop duo – consisting of an enigmatic Hip-Hop DJ turned Grammy-nominated producer & songwriter and a similarly mysterious partner who comes from an Indie Rock background – are already making waves with echoes of James Blake, SG Lewis, and Rationale, plus the Scandi-pop heritage of their homeland.Following hot on the heels of their most recent release, “Already Won”, their new tune, “Paradise”, once again features vocals from American singer La Luz.  Already finding support from Swedish National Radio Station P3, the new release features precise and emotional vocals supported by an Electronic/Acoustic bed of bright melodies and atmospheric layers.

The down-tempo Pop tune brings a bit of groove behind vibrant guitar riffs and beautiful keys which perfectly support the vocal performance.  The cross-over jam pulls elements from several genres, ensuring the release is accessible to music lovers across the board.  Solid songwriting, perfect arrangements and an all around great vibe.


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