Gorgeous Rock n’ Soul Single from The Howlin’

Hot damn I wish the world was blessed with more Rock n’ soul. One band who has blessed us with such a beautiful combo is The Howlin’ an incredibly talented 6 piece from The Netherlands bringing us “Harmful.” This track is like opening a smooth aged Bourbon Whiskey and sinking into a tarnished leather armchair by the fire. The honesty in this track causes a great deal of self-reflection and after learning that that the most harmful being to ourselves is simply us, the bottle of Bourbon becomes ever more appealing.

I love when a track sounds effortless and this track has mastered that, carefully careless whilst attentive at the same time. Nostalgic guitars and swelling melodies trickle under the raspy vocals from lead vocalist, Joel Gaerthe. The magic behind this track comes from the band sharing such an eclectic taste in music from rock to hip hop, drawing in the best qualities from all genres.

Make sure you give this some love and stay tuned to hear some more singles before the year is up.


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