JAGARA Show Us What They’re Made Of With ‘Twice’ [VIDEO]

Every time I come across a group made up of family members I get super jealous.  I feel like making music with your brother/sister has to be super fun.  London based JAGARA takes it to the next level, with all 3 members being sisters.

Blending elements from 80’s Electronica with funky rhythms, beautiful harmonies and a whole lot of soul, JAGARA have found their sound – and I’m sure it is even more fun to watch live.  Their latest release comes in the form of, “Twice”, which was delivered with an official music video.

The dynamic and emotional track sees the 3 sisters voices melding together brilliantly to almost create one vibrant vocal layer.  The production sways between moving pads and funky guitars and bubbling basslines and sporadic synth work.  While the tune by itself is worth the listen, the video makes the release that much more exciting.

On creating the video the band said “The idea was for us to narrate this man’s struggle and his transformation from self-doubt to self-expression, while exploring the pressures of masculinity and the misconception of what it means to be strong. We wanted it to have a raw quality, incorporating the drama and energy of Michael Jackson’s early videos.


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